The Leaders Soul

I use the word ‘Soul’ intentionally to counterbalance the neurobiological determinism assailing organisations. I am not harking back to a bygone age clutching at commandment stone or pontificating from the pulpit, for even these emblems have withered when exposed to the light. Neither do I wish to link the word to a New Age mantra or the rich and deep traditions of the East.

I use it here as a means to connect with what is deeply significant to each one of us within organisations, it is a field, energy, force whatever else you may choose to call it that permeates our deeper dreams and desires, it resides within each of us though it is elusive and indescribable. No physicist, scientist, professor or neuroscientist has located it. It can’t be seen or touched, it is neither in the brain, the heart or the gut, yet it exerts a powerful influence.

Though it can’t be seen or touched, each one of us has felt it, however its not the same type of everyday feeling that you would ascribe to the senses, it resides much deeper and subtly below awareness and within awareness at the same time.

All of us have it and its potency and vitality ebbs and flows. You witness it in others - In people that lift your spirit, offer you wise counsel, support you unconditionally and challenge you to be your best. You are exposed to their humanity, their strengths, their concerns, their tribulations and their hopes. You see it in teams and organisations when they are infused with vision, purpose and passion.

We connect more profoundly with ’Soul’ when we allow our senses to grow still and enable a process of flow.

I have found the verse on Self-Knowledge from ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran a powerful enabler. I invite you to watch my short two-minute video on Youtube.

A verse on Self-Knowledge from 'The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran. Recited by Eugene Fernandez and accompanied by his photography.

Dr Eugene Fernandez has over 25 years experience in consulting, coaching and facilitation, spanning various industries and sectors globally.