Metanoa Integrators (Strategy, Culture, Change and Leadership)


Liz Leverett, Group Human Resource Manager, Guild Group:
“At the end of 2008 we were looking to ramp up the leadership capabilities across our organisation. I was introduced to Eugene at this time and he has proven to be a most valuable asset to our organisation.
It is clear that Eugene has a strong passion and curiosity for learning and developing others and his constant enthusiasm inspires and motivates others to bring out the best in themselves. Employees who have been through our leadership development program (co-designed by Eugene) constantly comment on how Eugene has changed their thinking for the better and enhanced there lives with his creative learning style. Eugene brings with him extensive management experience which is clearly evident during his sessions with our teams.
Thank you Eugene for helping us transform our organisations leadership capabilities.”

Hugh Amoyal, Managing Director - Australia (Ipsos):
"We needed an experienced team builder that had at his disposal a range of frameworks and tools, as well as a style that crossed a wide range of personalities.  After meeting a large number of prospects, Eugene was the obvious stand-out for our team.

We had two days of intense sessions, with a team that was a group of individuals before we started and we finished a much closer team.  There is no doubt in my mind that the pre-work conducted by Eugene was a key reason for the success.  He got to know the individuals and was able to tailor a workshop just for us.

This is the beginning of a journey for our team, and Eugene is a part of this new team. Brilliant job Eugene."

Sheena Males Duggan, Project Manager, Macquarie University:
“I came to ‘the program’ with an open mind, keen to explore all aspects of Leadership Development from the accounting side through to conflict resolution and negotiation. The course focused on expanding our understanding of our own skills whilst recognising the contribution of others. I was continuously challenged by this approach and the resulting improvements that were made in our communications throughout  the program. This was a very worthwhile course that I would highly recommend to anyone keen on developing more effective leadership and interpersonal skills.” 

Carol R Burton, Service Manager, Strategy and Innovation at Parramatta City Council
"I have utilised Eugene's services for over 15 years and I am always grateful for his expertise and genuine commitment."

Ian Nunn, General Manager Information Systems & Development Australia & New Zealand at Rabobank
"Eugene possesses a unique ability that has inspired me to not only change the way I think about of who I am now. But more importantly has given me the insight to focus on what I could become. Its a rare gift that I feel privileged to have been exposed to."

Sean Kidney, Chair, Climate Bonds Initiative
"Deftly managed us to a constructive outcome; and very nice guy to boot!"

Barry Smith, Novelist and Professional Writer
"Eugene has that great combination of attributes, he is both an accomplished practitioner in the fields of organisational change and action learning and a nice guy."

Paul Howie, Experienced business strategy and transformation executive
"Eugene worked closely with myself as a facilitator on the MBS Course Leading for Organisational Impact. His expert knowledge and open, patient and interactive style enabled me to hone in on the tweaks which would significantly improve my effectiveness as leader. Thank you and well done."

Craig Warhurst , Operations Executive
"Eugene was our facilitator for the week long Looking Glass Experience at Mt Eliza. He is an extraordinary facilitator with exceptional insight into current leadership theory and practices. His guidance, support and commitment made the course an outstanding success. Would recommend him to any company looking to develop their senior leadership teams."

Mr John Hill, Chief of Staff, Ten News:
“Eugene is expert, challenging, modest, provocative, communicative, wise and street smart. Made me think outside the square and gave me valuable tools to do my job better”.

Ms Sharon Moulton, Sales Manager, Plaspak P/L:
“An outstanding personality with a great scope for understanding people. Excellent communicator”.
Heather Muir, General Manager, Andrews Partners - IT Recruitment :
“ One of the best facilitators I’ve encountered”.

Mr Jonathan Crichton, Director of Studies, International House, Sydney:

“ I was very impressed by his standard of organisation, presentation and expertise as well as ability to establish an excellent rapport with/between participants”.

Mr David McQuarrie, Sales Manager MUA Pty Ltd
“ Eugenes style was to lead you to realisation- rather than to pound theory into you. This style I found excellent”

Mr Stephen McKenzie, Travel Centre Manager, CountryLink:

“ No more can be said except excellent”.

Ms June Robb, Claims Manager, NSW Teachers Health Society:

“ Eugene Knows how to bring the best out of people with his great attitude to our learning. I would recommend him.”

Ms Tracy Huntsman, Manager, University Co-op Bookshop:

“ Eugene is an intelligent and open communicator, who made me & the group members feel inhibited about sharing ideas. He was able to answer our questions or through group discussion provide answers”.

Mr Bradley Johnson, General Manager, GH&NE Johnson
“ Eugene was great at putting everyone at ease and getting us into thinking and learning mode”.

Mr Mark Redhill, Asst General Manager, Eastern Suburbs Newspaper:
“ A very enjoyable program made so by Eugene’s enthusiasm, clear image projection and logic”.

Mr Peter Crighton, Asst General Manager, Racecourse Totalizators:
“Eugene, perfection, what more can one say, the style, content, everything”.

Ms Gail Furlonger, Admin Manager, Swann Insurance:

“ I wasn’t bored for one minute, all the information was excellently presented & plenty of chance for input and discussion”.

Mr David Croswell, Information Technology Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones:

“ Fantastic teaching- an amazing man to watch”.

Mr Terry Maslak, Staff Training Manager, Sydney City Mission:

“ The program was very practical and easy to translate to the workplace. Eugene was great, relaxed & informal style, very professional, enthusiastic, helpful & informative.

Ms Christiane Kelly, Branch Head, Board of Studies NSW :
“ Eugene is a breathing example of leadership- open, concerned, responsive, encouraging. Has obvious long-term experience of management and imparts this knowledge in an enjoyable and reinforcing manner”.

Mr Theo Vermeulen, Principal Policy Consultant, Premiers Department NSW :
“ Well Paced and structured program- Eugene is a very good presenter & Facilitator”.

Mr Mathew Forbes, Operations Officer, Money Market Westpac:
“ I enjoyed the program very much & was quite surprised at how much I got out of it. Eugene’s depth of knowledge of the subject matter is excellent”

Ms Leigh Bell, Manager Superannuation Services, Perpetual Trustee CompanyLtd:
“ A very good course for both learning and relearning management skills- Eugene was very good at drawing on the experiences of the group to reinforce areas of learning”.

Mr George Russ, Board member-Toranga Zoo:
“The course introduced concepts & reinforced them through group interaction and role plays. Material was well presented, well focused, practical & interactive. A good listener & able to respond”.

Mr John Pool, National Merchandising Manager, Greater Union Pty Ltd:

“ I would describe the overall program as excellent . Eugene helped me to see myself in a different light”.

Ms Eileen Wenban, Manager Corporate Conveyancing, Commonwealth Bank:
“ The information provided & the way it was delivered involving participants enabled a good grasp. Being able to bounce ideas has given me a broader base under which to consider problems faced by a manager”.