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The Door Cycle.

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Many organisations have benefited from our DOOR® framework it is a simple but powerful way to enable Learning and change.

Like real doors we can open them and wander in and check out what lies within.

D O O R stands for Design and Operate the DOing part and Observe and Reflect the ‘OR’ else part.

Door - The ‘DOOR’ ® framework helps teams and individuals to evolve every time they complete a cycle of the DOOR.

The DOOR framework has been applied and in use within the following leading organisations: BHPBilliton, Bunnings, IPSOS, MARS, and Mt Eliza Executive Education.

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The ‘D’ in DOOR stands for Design- Design plays a key part in transforming our lives.

Leaders who spend time designing and planning the future, intentionally create better outcomes. Recent research on the brain also highlight the critical need to engage the forebrain in designing and creating the future and to do this collectively if we don’t this part atrophies and we get locked into the daily grind. Whereas managers investigate today to discover explanations for what already is, Leaders invent tomorrow to create something that uniquely addresses current and future needs.

Metanoa offers a number of consulting and educational solutions to help people in organisations design and plan for their desired future including assistance with- Designing whole organisation interventions; Scenario Planning; Strategic planning; Creative and divergent thinking; Organisational design, Simulation design; Change strategies, Talent Management architecture and strategies and
Leadership/Management programs that challenge managers to be more creative, innovative and expansive.


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The ‘O’ in DOOR stands for Operate- This is the the “nuts and bolts” of the business.

Leaders need to also be better managers and understand how the business can be run more efficiently and effectively. Operate is enabled by the team and each plays a crucial role in delivering Quality outcomes.

Metanoa offers a number of consulting and educational solutions to help organisations ‘operate’ effectively including performance management, team building, team management, management effectiveness, Change implementation, coaching and mentoring,
leadership development and embedding personal effeciency skills.


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The second ‘O’ in DOOR stands for Observation- In order to learn from what has occurred, we must first know what has occurred. i.e. we must make observations about the action. As Marcel Proust says ‘The real act of discovery consists not in finding the new lands, but in seeing with new eyes’.

Metanoa assists managers and teams to critically observe practices and behaviours that both limit and enhance productivity and growth. We offer services that help teams and individuals to better understand themselves and each other. including 360 feedback, psychometric feedback, conflict resolution, improved communication, listening and dialogue skills.
Mindful awareness training for leaders and managers.


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The ‘R’ in DOOR stands for Reflection and Review: Reflection is usually the most neglected ingredient as most organisations and individuals are caught up in DOing. Reflection is the vital ingredient that incubates and illuminates new ideas. Deep reflection challenges your current mental models or world-views and can change the game altogether. It is uncomfortable, but without it we are likely to achieve no more than trivial change.

Metanoa’s programs achieve deep and significant change including long lasting behavioural change for individuals and teams. Reflective and Review processes are designed into the fabric of all of our interventions and we enable both practical, pragmatic and sustainable and deep outcomes. Our strategies draw on the latest research from psychology, sociology, neuroscience, organisational dynamics,
philosophy and leadership.

‘OR’ in DOOR is a useful counterbalance to ‘DO’. Our programs help individuals and organisations to integrate the DO and the OR and to apply this as a cycle in their daily work.