Metanoa Integrators (Strategy, Culture, Change and Leadership)

Solution Focused Leadership

This Action/Science Research program has a start up of 3 days followed by 1 day per month X 3. Programs are extended at participants request.

Participants work on their real work issues at the personal, interpersonal and organisational level. Appropriate best practice examples along with leading edge frameworks and concepts are then drawn on to illuminate the issue or dilemma.

This program is for you if you:
  • Are looking for real and sustained change in your leadership behaviour?
  • Are prepared to embark on a journey of real growth?
  • Willingilly take on a ‘Volunteer Mindset’ and want to make real change to your leadership practice
  • Seek to learn with a community of other leaders who challenge and support each other through the journey
  • Want to identify and explore the patterns that propel you from achieving your unique strengths
  • Are willing to take charge of your own learning

This program is not for you if you require:
  • Skills Training
  • A Lecturer, where you passively listen to theory and strategy.
  • To be entertained
  • Only Knowledge and Awareness
  • Comfortable/ Risk Free Learning
  • Formula/s for success
  • One best way
  • Prescriptive strategies

Along with the specific individual work issues other areas explored include:
  • Leadership the Inner journey
  • Leadership, New Science & Big Picture
  • Attention, Focus and the Wheel of Awareness
  • Thinking, New thinking and Action
  • Integral Leadership
  • DOOR Framework and Application
  • The Three brains and Leadership
  • Social, Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence
  • Groups, Teams and Fields
  • Diagnosing and Overcoming Immunity to Change
  • Structural Tension
  • Learning & Growth
  • Dialogue & Higher Order Communication

This program is not accredited and is not assessed. Its main focus is to foster deep learning and behavioural change.

This program is facilitated by Eugene Fernandez whose strength and preference is to encourage you to unfold your own understanding, grow into your own realisation and focus your energy to make real and significant change to your leadership practice.

This program is informed by cutting edge research and frameworks from a number of fields.