Metanoa Integrators (Strategy, Culture, Change and Leadership)

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Learning Architects

This short intensive accredited program is for Learning and Development and Organisational Development Practitioners who want to excel in their art and who also want to apply the latest theory and methods to their practice.

Duration- 3 days plus 2 month On-Line forum. Participants will work on an Action Research Project during the course of the two months.

Develop a strong foundation in current theories and practices in Organisational Development, Learning, Education, Leadership, Spiritual/Social/Emotional intellegence, NeuroLearning, Integral Landscapes, and Organisational Dynamics.

Learn with a community of others and challenge your mental models and schemas.

Understand, unfold and be the Leader you encourage others to be.

To fulfill Metanoa’s accreditation criteria, participants will be involved in pre-reading, extensive journalling, attendance at all workshops and completion of an Action Research Project.

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