Metanoa Integrators (Strategy, Culture, Change and Leadership)

Custom Programs

We specialise in designing Customized Training, Development and Organisational Change interventions for Multinational, Mid-tier and Government organizations. Our programs range from half–day sessions and up to six months for our fully integrated leadership and change programs. (See Case Studies)

Our programs and interventions incorporate the latest research and thinking. We help through our learning readiness audit to implement the right mode of organisational development program and intervention. We can also help you at a strategic level to integrate learning and change within the organization. (See Learning Integrators)

Our custom programs:
  • Focus on real behavioural change and improved productivity outcomes for organizations
  • Create the mindset and mental frameworks to deal with complex challenges faced by organizations in the 21st century.
  • Are Critically linked to issues, dilemmas and Questions confronting the business and weaves this into the design of the program.
  • Integrates various and relevant areas of the organization to ensure application and support of new behaviours and ways of working
  • Leads people to realization rather than pounding theory or lecturing.
  • Develops a framework that balances ‘doing’ with observation and reflection.
  • Develops a community of Leaders who are willing to challenge and support each other.

The following programs can either stand-alone or designed to integrate together to achieve multiple outcomes:



Results Driven Change

Improving Team Functioning

Accelerating Project Team Cohesiveness