Metanoa Integrators (Strategy, Culture, Change and Leadership)


We help to develop leadership at multiple levels within organisations to build business success.

Our leadership interventions are pragmatic, involve the client/stakeholders in the process and genuinely build capability/sustainability and flexibility within the organization.

We work with you to link leadership programs to capability and competency frameworks and help you to link ROI metrics to Leadership outcomes.

Our processes are designed to provide various layers of support and training to participants and teams, we help you to engage the system and the individual in the journey of change.

Our leadership programs:
  • Utilise and blend the latest research from the following areas: action learning/action research, learning/change/Leadership theories, organisational dynamics, sociology/psychology/psychotheraphy, neuro-leadership and systems thinking.
  • Create values alignment between individuals, teams, departments, the organisation as a whole and the wider community in which it serves.
  • Move management thinking from silos and a focus on problems to a whole-of-organisation, solution focused approach.

We have also designed and facilitated leadership development programs for Corporate Universities and leading Business Schools.

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